Canada is quite prosperous country. This means that the average Canadian inhabitant owns a good house or apartment, has at least one car, but usually there are two or three cars for the family.
The value of the house, such as Toronto or Montreal, closes to half a million dollars, it is reasonable to consider that the average Canadian family are millionaires. And it will be quite far from the truth, except for real estate in Canada decided to open the various deposits, savings and pension programs. In the result of deposit and savings accounts for each of the working spouses of 10-15 years, accumulate a decent amount. Let us to add here a steady growth in property prices. Here you have a million.
However, in Canada russian women there are plenty of poor people. Working at the plant or the factory and getting a very meager salary, it's hard to buy a home, even with low mortgage rates and good conditions. Cash incomes are barely enough to pay for rented apartments and food, to pay the bills and transport. If your husband is working for the post of an ordinary worker, you certainly can't have no better place then on the factory, with the minimum wage and the monotonous work.
Social protection
Canada is the world champion on taxes. Here, the highest tax rates, but also one of the most extensive social programs. Almost free medical care, affordable, quality education, a developed public sector are in Canada.
Russian women married to a citizen or resident of Canada, enjoyed by all without exception social benefits that her husband, including health care, incentives to enroll in educational institutions the opportunity to receive unemployment benefits and social grants.
As for Canadian medicine, it is often criticized. In fact, the level of Canadian medicine is rather high. But often there are situations when a narrow-line professionals have to wait for several weeks and sometimes months. This, of course, does not apply to cases where the patient is in urgent need of assistance. The second issue related to medicine: it is still shareware, because working people pay the compulsory medical insurance, and those payments can take up to 15% of their incomes.