Canadian men and Russian women.

Comparing Russian men and Candian men (exapmles)
The biggest mistake of humans is to think that all Canadian men are the same and all Russian women are different. The attitude of Canadian and Russian men to Russian women differs a lot. They act differently, flirt, spend money differently, their motivations are different.
Russian woman will never go on date with a Russian man wearing sneakers and a shabby t-shirt if she doesn't want to slip-up. Silk, tights and high-heels shoes - here is what a Russian man is able to lose his head and the ability to think clearly; he sinks in her charm like a bumblebee in a spider's web.
Going on a date with a Canadian man and wearing tights and high-heels, a Russian woman will get no results: this alerts Canadian men and seem abnormal or even doesn't impress them.
After the date a Canadian man says that a girl is wonderful, that it was the best evening in his life and that he dies to see a woman again and will call her in a week. What does it mean? In fact, nothing. All these is just common rules of a game, which is called politeness. Perhaps, he thinks that this woman is not for him, or may be because she has a child, or doesn�t have a decent job, or she speaks a broken English. But it is quite possible that he liked he and he is just busy in the next few days; in this case he will definitely call her.
If a Russian man says " I will call you in a week" - it means just one thing! - he will never call her or will call her but no one knows when. Usually, Russian men never give promises if they are not going to fulfill them.
Canadian men are very consistent and practical. If a man likes a woman, he wants to get her, his aim is the result. He will not spend his time and efforts on a woman who is married or if she has a partner.
Russian men enjoy the process more than a result. They like to be in a company of a beautiful lady, search for her attention, admiring her, telling about himself, say compliments, and it doesn't matter is she is married or not, they don't care if there will be close relations with this woman or not.
Women like Russian men for their unpredictable behavior, generosity, and the ability to love unconditionally, because they love women for women, for their existence in this world, for this interesting saying that a woman wants what God wants.
Canadian men are loved by Russian women for their openness and certainty, for their faithfulness and devotion; because they are easy to be depend on and they can give them their life without worrying about their responsibility and reliability.