Indigenous Canadians are family oriented people. My home is my castle - canadians consider. To come into the yard to unfamiliar or strangers is not accepted. Do not welcome uninvited guests, the sudden visit of friends or even relatives also did not cause favorably. Canadians argue, like all people. But they do it so that nobody and nothing is seen and not heard.
Divorce, however, is not such a rare phenomenon in Canada. And it is always quite a complex process, laden with severe costs for the services of lawyers from both sides. Many Russian women terribly afraid of divorce with the indigenous people. Rumor has it that after divorce the former spouse will be sent out from the country. This does not correspond to reality - the status of permanent resident away, of course, may, but for quite another reason. In the case of divorce, the legal situation of women will not change. Canadians love children. And in Canada there are made all conditions for children. Well-equipped schools, clubs and sports clubs (often free), various types of amateur and ethnic ensembles - all this in Canada is in excess.
Family problems is a reason to apply to family psychology. Many indigenous people have preserved their families due to the help of these professionals. Frequent visits to a psychologist continue for several years, despite the fact that each visit is quite expensive. For russian women the visit to the family psychologist, will be likely to be a novelty. But such advice, perhaps, will really help you to understand each other, to mitigate different mentalities, what is very important for family life with russian women.
In the case of divorce, children stay with the mother. But if the father is the owner a serious condition, and has influential lawyers, he can get one of the children, if there are two or more, and left with him. The court, usually primarily interested in the finances situation of both spouses, and if the father can give the child the best education and upbringing, then it may satisfy his request. However, the mother has all rights to see the children. The court categorically prohibits the former spouse as a hinder her.
Returning a child out of the country against the will of a former spouse is likely to fail. At the border the mother should give a notarized authorization, even if at the time you are still staying in a lawful married.
Ethnic minorities and the Canadian Marriage
Many nationalities are living in Canada. Certainly, each nation is rich in its traditions and way of life.
But Canadian law does not make any amendments to the nationality or religion. The traditions begin and end on eve of private territory, and in case of violation of the law made no allowances will not be. Therefore, in principle anyway, to what denomination you belong to elect - in Canada you are free to live the way you used to live in your native country, adjusted for local laws, and not on religious dogmas of the spouses. Of course, for the respect and for the loved of your husband russian wife should abandon some of habits. However, without bigotry and blind self-sacrifice. Often, it is not usually required, because living in Canada, national minorities Canada are quite moderate in the traditions.
There are, however, and incidents. So, some Russian women, married to Iranians men, come to the east environment with their slavic canons and traditions. Sometimes they are not even allowed to go out without hedzhaba on their heads or alone, without accompany by the husbands' mother or elder sister.