To be married to a Canadian, you should wait a little. Officially, the process of paperwork takes up to six months. In practice - rarely more than five months. Moreover, a couple of months is taken by the procedure of verification of documents and the rest of the time is taken by drawing sponsorship. Sponsorship, Family Class Sponsorship FOR RUSSIAN WOMEN, in the case of marriage with a foreigner is a purely Canadian term. Husband-Canadian sponsors a Russian wife, he is obliged to maintain her own, without shifting the care of the newcomer's wife on the shoulders of the state. This refers to the actual provision of shelter and a minimum of comfort. In the case of social benefits the state, of course, agrees to pay unemployment compensation on general grounds.
The most serious test, carried out by the Canadian immigration authorities is the definition of the reliability of relations. That is, the officials checked to see whether your marriage is a sham. Sometimes spouses are bred in different classrooms and at the same time asking the same questions concerning the life, habits and tastes of the spouse. Sometimes the questions are and intimate details, this must be prepared.
Upon completion of inspections and paperwork to your Russian / Ukrainian passport affixed Canadian visa, and at the specified address to the Canadian embassy sent Landed Resident Card, which is the analogue of the U.S. Green Card.
Permanent resident status - is not a guarantee of a good start, well-fed Canadian life. Unless your spouse is not very wealthy people have to learn the language intensively, to seek work. In most cases, you will have to combine the study of language and the unskilled, poorly paid work elsewhere in the factory or cleaning.