This myth exists and is being discussed much. It has an ancient history. It’s a myth about a Russian beauty and her being irresistible. The Russian after-revolution migration made its considerable contribution here, as noble girls with excellent manners and education emigrated. They caused a commotion in countries they moved to and they shined practically everywhere. These were ballerinas, singers, actresses. Then there came a wave of a post-war women’s emigration, afterwards there was some dissident one. After some time there was an economic war, when everybody, men and women, emigrated. Those who had a strong character and were venturous left their country. And the image of a new Russian lady was spoiled in many respects by venturous women of a new wave. However, as Russian women still win beauty contests and there are many stories connected with it, and a Russian girls is really beautiful, this myth has all grounds to survive. Any myth is hard to destroy, by the way.
It seems that there are two types of Russian women. One has a flawless moral reputation, beautiful, educated, a concentration of all merits. The other type is a shady lady seeming to be not really a Russian one. Russian women used to refuse to have anything to do with such a type of a woman. One drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine, they say. Though, statistics is stubborn, and it shows that the main flow of female emigration today are girls with no experience and any positive motivation to make their contribution in the development of the society, without any education, and, as a rule, definitely without any good manners, as they are mostly provincial girls. It’s possible to understand them, as purity is the main reason which causes women to leave Russia. However, they want to leave at all hazards and they may also have both criminal motives and an intention to marry a foreigner, to use a husband, and then adapt somehow, to get their foot in the door, as emigrants speak. This emigration flow can hardly serve as an example for young and not depraved girls.
There are no precise observations, but an idea to marry a foreigner today is quite popular among young people and it is considered as one of serious plans. All candidates can be relatively divided into two flows. The first one consist of young and unexperienced girls of 19-20. They are directly oriented for leaving their country. They don’t want to study in Russia, to work here. They want to emigrate first, and build up their career and personal life afterwards. The second flow are disappointed young women of 30-35, sometimes older than 40, women with children. They have already been married and are experienced. As a motive for emigration, they mention children and their inward peace. Marriages between these women and foreigners are more stable because the women are more experienced and these motives promise some stability.