long blond hair, slender legs in a short skirt, lush breasts - girls from Russia

Any woman would like to know what beautiful means in the conception of men. Beauties linger in men’s fantasies. But not all of them can be the fairies of night dreams… But men call many Russian girls beautiful. No matter how much one says that inner qualities are the main thing in a woman, men pay their attention at appearance first of all. Such is men’s nature. Only then, when euphoria of the first impression goes a seeing into the inner world of a bride begins… Well, what is included into a conception of a beautiful woman according to men’s opinion?
Many people note that a Slavic girl can be recognized at once by her face type. A face of a woman is like the first tot, as the first musical album composition, as the main page of a book. Every man has his own preferences as to a type of a face, form of ears, chin, nose, cheek-bones etc. But practically all of them value one common quality: a sense of measure in make-up usage and also a clean and smooth skin. In Russia now a tendency to reduction of make-up usage is observable what doubtless leads to mainstreaming of Russian girls’ natural beauty.
Numerous researches also show that men like Russian women’s long legs: even if a woman is short and plumpish her legs still look long on a background of the whole body. There is an explanation to this preference. Short legs are an attribute of a childish body. They begin their lengthening during puberty. In such a way, legs for days for men are a sign that a girl has set as a woman. And the longer they are the more attractive a girl is.
A considerable part of men note not just appearance but also a rich inner world of girls from Russia and Ukraine. There is an opinion that an image of a person is defined by their style of conduct and it is really so. Doubtless, appearance is also important as you can’t judge a book by its over, as they say. Unfamiliar people can evoke liking or repulse depending on how they look like. But it’s only the first impression.
During a more close communication a grey mouse may turn to be a real star with a bright and attractive character, and a classy beauty a greedy envious or silly girl. There is no secret that at all times upbringing, classical values and good manners were values higher than an attractive appearance. One well-known international agency made polling among foreign men and found out that approximately a half of men like slender girls with a slim waist, voluptuous thighs and big breasts. Just such girls can be met on Russian dating agencies sites. For example, look here
- Only 20% of respondents prefer long-legged tall beauties.
- Naturally, not all men like plump ones – 4,2% prefer cutie pies.
- By the way, not many like little tinies – there are only 5% of their admirers.
- For 10% of men it is unimportant at all what kind of a body a woman has. The main thing for a woman is to take herself as she is. And to have no complexes, especially in bed.