After receiving official permission from authorities to enter the country as the spouse of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada is required to undergo a medical examination by an authorized physician and get your hands on respective certificate. Do not worry about the results of medical examinations. A weak heart, or, for example, urolithiasis can not become an excuse for failure. The refusal for medical reasons can only be if you are a danger to others, suffering from a kind of infectious disease, or needs urgent and very expensive treatment. After receiving the mail Landed Resident Card can receive a social security number, insurance card and pass on driver's licenses.
The wife of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada has all the civil rights as full-fledged citizen of the country, with certain restrictions. It can not be elected to the authorities, to hold certain public offices, serve in the army or in the police.
The status of Canadian wives guaranteed many things, but does not guarantee one thing: protection from her own husband. Canadians do not like dependents, and usually in a family both spouses are working. Given the weak at first knowledge of the language and the lack of work experience, a Russian wife, will likely have to work on non-prestigious work at first time. It may take six months or a year, and maybe several years.