Russian woman can be met in any country all over the world. She is noticeable among the others in the crowd. It is impossible not to see her. Endowing with magical in USA (America) beauty and sexy Russian girls make men crasy in America by their sexiness and charm; women from Russian in UK make all the men from England recollect that they are gentlemen; almost became national stategy for Australian government in order to improve demographic situation. But, most often you can meet a Russian woman in Canada. This country is the closest one to Russia in the matter of a Russian soul.

* Alberta: Edmonton
* British Columbia: Victoria
* Manitoba: Winnipeg
* New Brunswick: Fredericton
* Newfoundland and Labrador: St. John's
* Nova Scotia: Halifax
* Ontario: Toronto
* Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown
* Quebec: Quebec City
* Saskatchewan: Regina
* Northwest Territories: Yellowknife
* Nunavut: Iqaluit
* Yukon: Whitehorse

top 10 largest cities in Canada by population russian and ukrainian women:

Russian women in Canada: dating, marriage it is the dating site of Canadian men and Russian (Ukrainian) women, who live in Canada and who want to marry a Canadian.
In the last 10 - 15 years there was a boom of "Russian brides" in Canada - dozens of thousands of women from Russian, Ukraine ,Moldova and Belarus came to Canada on fiancee visa.
Why was Canada so attractive for Russian women and single girls, who wanted to get married abroad?
- Canadian men are real gentlemen. Soft and calm character, kind disposition, absolute reliability as for the family and routine questions - such man is a dream of every woman not only from Russia.
- Men from Canada - are desirable grooms. Canadian living standards take the 6-th place in the world. More than 72% of Canadian family have their own homes, which tell us about high financial level
- Life interval which is higher than in USA, the level education if better than in Japan. The majority of all citizens of Canada live relatively well, without worrying about tomorrow and trust their social system.
- Loal laws and absence of bureaucratic barriers for international marriages.

russian women in Canada: Departure for permanent residence in Canada | Wife status as a citizen of Canada | Children in Canadian families | Incomes in Canada, Social protection
Russian women in Canadian family | Family relationships

Why is marriage with women from Russia and Ukraine is so popular among Canadian men?
- Russian women are beautiful and feminine, they are not as emaciated as foreign women, this gives them charm and attractiveness of real WOMEN
- Russian girls are excellent wives, housekeepers and mothers. It has become a tradition that family in Russian is number one question for a woman. Even after moving into another country they still are the hearth keeper.
Our dating site is a huge database of women from Ukraine and Russia in Canada with their addresses, telephone numbers and emails, photos and videos; all of them wish to find their love and happiness marrying a Canadian man. Blondes and brunettes, young and mature, with or without children, single - tens of thousands of profiles are available for search on our site. Watch our photocatalogue "mail order brides - Canada", perhaps here you will meet a Russian girl - your future wife and the mother of your children.
Good luck, Canadian men!
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Among various myths connected with Russian values there exists a stable and flattering myth about a Slavic wife being inimitable. It’s about foreigners stopping amazed in front of a Russian woman and saying: voila! Is it true or just a fiction?

A lot of single men from America and Canada want to get married and create happy families. Unfortunately, they haven’t managed to find that match in their countries, among the local girls, so it is absolutely acceptable to start searching somewhere else